Entity Formation and Maintenance

If you have a new business idea, Cheever Law, APC will help you determine which entity will set you up for success.  Since there are advantages and disadvantages to each of the business entities, sometimes the success of a company is dependent on the choice of entity at the beginning.  We will be your trusted advisor to assist with corporate governance, corporate compliance and to ensure you are on the right track for future success of your business. LEARN MORE

Business Planning

Proper business planning is more than drafting a set of legal documents.  It is important to have a holistic approach by reviewing all aspects of your business, including a review of your legal, financial, insurance and tax systems.  Whether you have a new business or a business already in operation, you can rest assured that your business is set up properly and will perform well as your business grows. LEARN MORE

Business Succession Planning

Business succession planning is an investment in the future of your business.  By planning for the future succession of the business, you strengthen your commitment to the long-term growth of the business, thereby generating confidence with lenders, employees, suppliers, and customers. We will work closely with you to identify your goals for your business and plan for your inevitable exit. LEARN MORE