Entity Formation and Maintenance

While technically you’re forming an entity, what you’re really trying to do is make your dream a reality. I am here to make sure that happens.

In order to do so, I ask you a lot of questions. I want to truly understand you and what makes you tick before we move forward. What’s important to you? What is the nature of your business? How do you plan on exiting it?

I ask the questions that help me determine the tax structure of your entity, how you will own it and what will happen to it when you pass the company on to a new owner or when you leave this world.

You can’t be expected to know the right questions to ask, so I ask them for you. I am thorough so you know you are making informed decisions about many important issues, including:

  • Forming your entity with the correct structure (LLC, S corporation, LLC taxed as an S corporation, partnership, C corporation, etc.);
  • Setting up bank accounts properly;
  • Getting the appropriate insurance;
  • Identifying which agreements you need right away and which can wait;
  • Protecting intellectual property and determining whether you should own it in an entity separate from your operating assets; and
  • Engaging the right CPA to maximize tax savings and handle other accounting matters

Maintaining Your Dream

Maintaining your business entity is actually about nurturing it and making sure that all of the little details are considered and handled. Through my membership programs, I take care of those details, so you can focus on your dream, not the minutiae that is important, but tedious. I proactively monitor the activities of your business as needed, whether that’s on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

With most business planning law firms, you part ways with your attorney when you sign your incorporation documents. But we see things differently; when you sign those papers, our relationship with your business has just started if you sign up for a membership package with us.

While we can’t predict what will happen to your business, we know for sure that over time, it will change and grow. You might change your ownership structure, and the laws that impact your business will change.

It is imperative that your business documents accommodate these changes in order to ensure that your business is on track for growth and success.

I’ll make sure that you do all of the things that are crucial to your legal documents achieving what they are supposed to. For example, you’ll need to have annual meetings with quality minutes recorded, have agreements in place and updated and maintain your legal documents throughout the years. If you don’t, your legal documents lose all of their value.

In the long run, the costs of neglecting to update your legal documents are far greater than keeping them current.

I offer ongoing strategic and tactical support to ensure your business is properly maintained and has the foundation needed for growth.

This allows us to stay on top of your entity’s legal, insurance, financial and tax details, allowing you to relax, be more creative and focus on the possibilities for your business… because you know everything else is being handled.

Let me be your trusted counselor in the formation of your business entity and in making business decisions throughout the life of your company.

For more information about our unique programs, schedule your LIFT Your Life and Business Planning Session today.