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Do You Really Need a Trust?

Trusts are not simply just about avoiding probate. Creating a trust can give you privacy, provide ongoing financial support for loved ones, and protect you and your property if you are unable to manage your own assets. Simply put, the creation of a trust puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to your assets and your wishes as opposed to leaving this critical life decision to others, such as a Judge. READ MORE

How to Protect Your Child’s Inheritance from His or Her Untrustworthy Spouse

Parents often complete their estate plan to provide for their children and ensure their hard-earned assets, family heirlooms, or closely held businesses stay within the family. A common question is asked about protect a children’s inheritance from a spouse in the event of untrustworthiness or divorce. Thankfully, there are many ways to structure your child’s inheritance to help ensure it will remain in the family for future generations. READ MORE

Choosing a Successor Trustee

A Successor trustee steps in for you in the event of incapacity and when you die. Since they have a lot of responsibility, they should be chosen carefully. This post explains how to choose a successor trustee. READ MORE